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Indoor Play: Cincinnati & Columbus, Ohio

Jump! Run! Play! Maybe it's raining and they need to burn off some steam... Or you want to beat the weather... Or they have just been "extra good" lately? Treat your kids to exciting indoor play with our CHARITABLE PLAY and PAY-TO-PLAY options!

We are open all year long in Columbus and Cincinnati, so whether it is raining, snowing or just plain hot -- your kids will always have a place to play with us. Our indoor playground is temperature controlled and spacious. You will have fun watching them and you can rest assured they will sleep well tonight!


You don't have to party to play! We offer set charitable play hours each week. Stop in and enjoy the fun -- for just a $2 donation per family! Each month $1 of each $2 donation will go to a local charity chosen by Recreations Outlet. Charitable play hours vary by location. Get Columbus and Cincinnati indoor play hours now.


Do you need the flexibility to stop in anytime to let your kids play with our imaginative playhouses, bouncy trampolines, awesome swing sets, basketball hoops and much more? Our pay-to-play option allows you to play anytime we are open, fitting us in when it works best in your schedule. Come to Recreations Outlet during our Pay-to-Play hours and your kids can enjoy playing in our temperature controlled showrooms for the best indoor play available.

play passes

If you're a frequent Pay-to-Play customer, why not save money and purchase a play pass. A play pass will allow you unlimited access to our showrooms during Pay-to-Play hours.

Please note: You must be 18 or older to be considered a chaperone. There is no outside food or beverages, gift giving, birthday cakes, etc. allowed during Charitable Play or Indoor Play times. These events are reserved for customers who purchased birthday parties in our party rooms.

For additional information and hours, please check out our location pages:

Cincinnati Indoor Play

Columbus Indoor Play

Hope to see you soon at one of our indoor playgrounds in Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. Try us today!