Help Stimulate Your Child's Imagination
Thursday, October 31, 2019

Sometimes it feels like "imagination" has just become a buzzword in order to sell you something else for your kid that makes big promises to stimulate their creativity. You're right to be skeptical, especially when many of these "solutions" are simply another app or expensive learning kit.

We believe that imagination isn't something you can buy - it's cultivated through a lifestyle of exploration, and its never too early to help build that sense of wonder in your child. Here are a few simple ways to help build your child's imagination!

  • Open-ended toys
    Toys that don't have a set of "rules" or instructions are a fantastic way to get your kids thinking creatively. Construction toys such as building blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, and a wide variety of others give your children the tools they need to create their own worlds!

  • Encourage them to try art
    Not every kid is going to become an artist, but that doesn't mean they can't all benefit from experimentation with the arts. It's great to offer them a space where they're allowed to freely express themselves (and maybe be a little messy).

    It doesn't all have to be crayons and paint, either. Play-Doh and clay are great tactile artistic supplies that can help them see the world differently.

  • Read to them and tell stories
    Stories and books are a great way to build an intimate bond with your children, and they are a great reference point for other adventures! The story doesn't have to end with the final page as you can relive your favorite moments with your kids during play.

  • Go outside!
    We can't express this enough, but it's critical that your children have experience with the world outside the four walls of the home. By going to parks, meeting up with friends to socialize, and experiencing the many health benefits of the outdoors, you'll continue to foster healthy levels of imagination in your children.
Recreations Outlet was built on the idea that children should have every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and explore the world around them. If you are looking for ways to further encourage outdoor play, we offer a great selection of playsets, games, trampolines, and more!

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