What Can Parents Do to Get Their Children to Play Outdoor Games?
Friday, September 21, 2018

Basketball, soccer, Springfree trampolines, kickball, swinging on playsets and climbing trees – can there be anything more interesting and fun for children than these games? These are the games which give children the ultimate freedom they need during their growing age. But sadly, the reality is quite different. Children have started to take interest in indoor games, computers, PlayStation, Xbox, smart-phones, and TV.

Do you know what’s missing from these games? The joy, the grouping, and the shared connection that’s so important for the children to develop social skills. For parents, it is very important to know that indoor games alone are detrimental to their kids’ growth.
According to child psychologists, when children play outside, their minds develop faster, imagining castles, creatures, and lands. The impact of playing outdoor games is unimaginably positive on children’s health. Not only do they become better learners and do well at school, but also they make great friends and are fun to be around. All of this just comes from playing outside.

What can parents do to make their children take interest in outdoor games? It’s easy. They just have to take out some time and that’s it. This blog will share a few things that parents can do to make their children play outdoor games.

1 - Parents Can Play Too!

Yes, why not? Parents can surely play with their children outdoors as well. Where’s the harm in kicking a ball outside? Not only will it peak your child’s interest in outdoor games, but also you will be working towards developing better and stronger parent and children bond. You’re getting two benefits from just taking out some time to play with your children in your backyard!

2 - Biking Trips

Riding a bicycle is a wonderful outdoor activity and exercise as well. Parents can do two things. Either allow your children to ride a bike to their schools, or plan a biking excursion on the weekends. It will get your children outside and you will get some fresh air and quality time to spend with your kids.

3 - Chase, Race, & Hunt

One of the best things parents can do to make their children play outdoors is to plan outdoor challenges for them. The winner will get a reward, which can be anything – a favorite meal or a toy etc. You can let your kids chase each other around in your backyard, arrange various outdoor races, or perhaps you can hide something of their interest and indulge them in a little treasure hunt!

4 - Involve Neighbors

One of the reasons why parents feel unsafe about letting their children play outdoors is that there are very few people out there. Parents can talk to their neighbors and think about letting their children out for an hour or two every day. When parents don’t allow their children to play outdoors, it discourages other parents from letting their kids out as well. It’s a vicious cycle which needs to be broken.

There are other outdoor recreational activities that parents arrange for their children. There are Springfree trampolines, play sets, basketball hoops and tennis. All these activities can help your children grow up with good physical and mental health. For more outdoor recreational activities, parents are encouraged to contact Recreations Outlet. We have the best equipment for children to play with outdoors!

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